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Hinein his view, the legal situation is clear: Greek and Italian citizens and their relatives affected by "shootings, massacres by the Wehrmacht, by deportations or forced labor illegal under international law" have the right to individual claims.

There is plenty of space hinein the region because Ugandans don't like to settle here. The city of Arua, a regional crossroads for trade and traffic - and even a small airport - is 80 kilometers away.

It is a purely theoretical retrospective claim rein distant hindsight that ignores many cancelling and mitigating factors. And how can the Germans of today be legally financially liable for the events of the mid-1940's, and after so many intervening events and payments? And fourthly, if Greeks tonlos have the 'right' to claim reparations payments for WW2, then so does everyone else, including Germans, Weltgesundheitsorganisation were brutalized and expelled hinein the many millions from Eastern Europe and even the Balkans. If 'justice' is the issue, then it must apply impartially. Even to the many victims of Greek war crimes and ethnic cleansing in places like Turkey and Albania during and after WW1 for that matter. And the many African and Balkan victims of Fascist Italy, the British and French empires, and so on (and on). The idea that only Germany is liable for such things is not only out of date, it is false and obscene, above all as Germany has already paid far more than any other nation for the past, and is practically alone in the world for having done so on anything beyond a token scale, and because it is a travesty of justice, when the vast majority of the world's victims of injustices both distant and recent go uncompensated, whilst Germany alone is practically 'milked' forever by endless additional claims which it seems no prior reparations, agreements and treaties are ever enough to put an end to.

The refugees' journey leads them to an initial reception facility and then, just days later, to Boden ownership. Each family receives a parcel measuring 30 by 30 meters on which they are allowed to build a house and an outhouse. The message is clear: You are welcome to stay - forever if you want.

Gaba wonders what the future might hold for her. "On my rations card, it says 2040. I will be looked after here until then." That, though, is not what she wants. Even if she is welcome to stay, she would like to return to South Sudan. Yei is her home, but the murderous gangs of President Salva Kiir and the dozens of rebel groups are preventing her from returning. As grateful as Gaba and the other refugees are to Uganda for opening its doors to them, most of them want peace - and to go back home.


For decades, a trial over the massacre wound its way through the courts at all levels in Greece and Germany. Greece's highest court, the Areopag, ruled rein 2000 that Germany must pay damages to Distomo's bereaved.

Die Ausflug war im gesamten urbar ansonsten informativ. Raphael hat es sehr nett gemacht. Pro uns denn Bergsteiger war das Bergwandern zu wenig, es war ja eine "Wanderreise", andererseits konnten manche Personen nicht Zeichen "über Steine echt wandern".

Or is it a genuine loan that get more info must Beryllium paid back? The expert commission analyzed contracts and agreements from the time of the occupation as well as receipts, remittance slips and bank statements.

Selena Gaba, 40, and eight of the 12 children with whom she fled from Yei hinein South Sudan. Her daughter stands to her left, with Gaba's grandchild on her arm. In Uganda, they were given Boden on which they could build.


Hinein terms of the amount of the loan debt, the Greek auditors have come to almost the same findings as those of the Nazis' bookkeepers shortly before the end of the war.

Furthermore, as one aid worker says off the record, the government in Kampala makes sure to skim off a portion of each project's budget. He says around a quarter of the money his organization earmarks for aid projects in the country flows into Uganda's state coffers. Map

Hinein them, he says German diplomats use the vocabulary of the National Socialists to discuss reparations issues, speaking of a "final solution for so-called war crimes problems," or stating that it welches high time for a "liquidation of memory.

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